Who I am

Brand builder and pop culture fanatic

I am a brand builder, creative strategist, and social media expert who helps brands tell their story to international audiences.

My close collaboration with leading B2C and B2B companies across several industries and markets gives me a unique insight into the digital behavior of both consumers and enterprise audiences. I am an experienced consultant for companies and a mentor for advertising professionals.

I am also an active social media creator who shows his passion for pop culture in hundreds of blog posts and YouTube & TikTok videos. The inner fanboy also influences my professional life – directly and indirectly.

I’m endlessly inspired by future possibilities, current events, and pop culture classics. Not to mention brands that go the extra mile.

What I do

Building brands that care

I’ve worked with a wide range of industries as a creative and strategic lead, always striving for creative excellence and building brands that care about the needs of their audience. I currently work at the brand agency Bou.

Who or what is Hurraakerkko?

This website was first launched in 2006. For the past 15 years, I’ve been writing about social media trends and pop culture from movies to music. Essentially, this site is a celebration of creativity in all forms. Check out some of my recent favorite posts.

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