Hurraakerkko.com celebrates social media and pop culture

Hi – my name is Kerkko Laakso. I’m a creative and strategist with 15 years of experience in marketing and communications. I specialize in social media. Welcome to my website!

Hurraakerkko.com has celebrated social media and pop culture since 2006. It might just be the best website that has the name Kerkko in it.

The site has gone through various conceptual and design updates over the years. It has been a personal diary and a professional showcase. But one thing has always remained constant: this site is a place for me to talk about everything that inspires me, both professionally and personally.

Some examples of how the site has evolved over the years.

Main topics

Please dig into the archives for insights on social media trends and best practices, including topics like “How I gained 1000 followers on TikTok” and “Testing OnlyFans.” Social media insights for all generations – and more content on the way.

Since I’m a film and music buff, the site is also loaded with reviews of cult films and music, stories of forgotten gaming trivia and so much more. Pop culture is a bottomless source of inspiration for me, so this inner fanboy bleeds into my work quite often.

Apologies to my international fam but most of the articles are only available in Finnish for now. I hope to translate more of my favorite insights into English soon.

The origin of @hurraakerkko

I’ve inherited/stolen the name Hurraakerkko from my father. He didn’t know how to send text messages longer than “OK,” but was somehow able to set an automated greeting on his feature phone – “Hurraa Raino.”

Inspired, I’ve adopted the name @hurraakerkko on various social media, including Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Would you like to learn more? Watch this anniversary special.