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My portfolio.

Brand builder and creative strategist

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Hi – I’m Kerkko. I’m a brand professional on a mission to build enduring brands.

I have extensive experience in leading the strategic and creative efforts of global B2B and B2C brands. This mix of strategy, creativity, and diverse industries has taught me how to go from overarching vision to nitty-gritty details of execution – a core talent when building enduring brands. It has also given me a unique understanding of contemporary creative language and what audiences expect from brands.

I have a solid track record of creating long-term business opportunities and mentoring advertising professionals.

One of my greatest strengths is the ability to connect signals into actionable insights. It has helped me consult my clients on trends and best practices.

Formerly a strategy lead and social media expert at Wunderman Thompson, I am currently employed by the brand agency Bou.


Nokia, Telia, Finnair, Huawei, Outokumpu, Sybo, Next Games, Vaasan, Saarioinen, Marabou, LEGO, Lambi, thisisFINLAND, the City of Helsinki

The best of both worlds

Social media has played a major role in my career. My TV work was a precursor to today’s live streams. As a journalist, I covered the rise of social media platforms. And when I joined the creative advertising industry, social media became my specialty.

The diverse skills required from a social media specialist helped me grow into the brand-building expert I am today, with a unique capability of marrying strategic goals with creative ambitions – the best of both worlds.

My skills include brand & creative strategy, client leadership, project management, concept design, copywriting, visual design, analytics, mentoring, and more.

I like to say I’m pretty good at many things which, when combined, make me a damn good brand and advertising professional.

Where I’ve been


Brand Lead, Creative Strategy, Marketing
Current position

Wunderman Thompson

Strategy Lead


Social Media Lead (team extension)


Brand licensing manager (team extension)

Wunderman Thompson

Social Media Lead

Wunderman Thompson

Senior Social Media Manager

Isobar Finland

Community Manager

MTV3 News / Radio Nova

Journalist, radio & online

MTV3 Interactive

TV host & director

What I’ve done

Impressive audience growth and engagement rates – with a purely organic strategy that made Finland the quirkiest country on Instagram.

Some highlights from my longest and most extensive collaboration: creating the global social media strategy & style guide, establishing collaboration models with brand licensees, and managing campaigns for their most important industry audiences.

I created the brand platform and led the visual identity renewal for the Swedish contract management platform that sets a new standard for digital contracting.

Our creative strategy quickly resulted in the highest audience sentiment rate the brand had ever seen. What a tasty collaboration.


Here are some kind words from people I’ve worked with.

“Reliable, constructive, and brimming with creativity, Kerkko knows just how to lead large organizations out of their comfort zone and into the world of social media. A writer at heart, Kerkko brings clarity and order out of the chaos. In fact, it’s very rare indeed to find a writer with the skills and attention to detail that Kerkko possesses – in both English and Finnish! Oh, and he just happens to be a lot of fun to work with as well.”

Conrad Rasmussen | Head of Experience at Wunderman Thompson UK

“I believe that a great leader is more of a mentor than a commander. Someone who gives you guidance when you need it and pushes you when you’re standing still. Someone who you can always turn to when you’re feeling lost. Kerkko was my boss for 4,5 years and in that time I grew from a naive kid with silly ideas to a true professional with silly ideas. He is a true leader full of compassion and creativity, traits which extend to everyone he’s working with.”

Henri Kärjä | Marketing specialist at Vattenfall

“It has been a pleasure to work under Kerkko’s supervision as a part of the social media and content team at Mirum Agency. He is always very constructive, professional, diligent, and encouraging. Along with a great sense of humor, he also sports a great visual eye. I can recommend him for pretty much anything social media-related, but also for the development of creative concepts and coaching young talent.”

Stefani Kirilova | Creative Strategist at Troot

“Some of your ideas made sense to me.”

Anonymous client feedback

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